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why give?



Alumni  and friends like you will assure that the University of Arizona South will never stop transforming lives. Your gift, whatever the size, makes a huge difference in assuring the University of Arizona experience will be available to new generations of students in our communities. 

Gifts like yours sustain the university, and inspire higher education for the non-traditional students in our communities. They are investments in the future of the university, and the students, faculty, a and workforce in our communities. The future of our workforce depends on the  knowledge and career goals of our community members.  

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Through gifts from friends and local businesses like you, the university has:

     Helped undergraduates and graduates with  financial hardships to continue their higher educational dreams. 

     Supported faculty members with their continued education and to present UArizona Sierra Vista programs to other organizations.

    Created facilities to deliver an atmosphere for learning.


The future of our workforce depends on the  knowledge and career goals of our community members.


You can inspire and support the next generation of Wildcats by making a gift to the Annual Fund.

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Words cannot express how thankful I am to have been selected to receive this scholarship. There was a time in my life where I did not think I would amount to much. I was a senior in high school expecting a child and I was told by many that I would end up a high school drop out with no prospects of a college education. Because of these negative perceptions, I once thought an education from the University of Arizona was superior or above me.  My life has been defined by constantly battling to overcome being viewed as just another statistic. I tried so hard to prove this to others, only to come to realization that the only person I needed to prove this to is myself. My education is allowing me to be a better role model not only to my own children but to the young girl or boy that feel hopeless and alone the way I once did. I can show them that if I achieved my educational goals with all the adversities I have been through, they can achieve anything their hearts desire. With hard work, perseverance, and a strong will I am on my way to achieving all my educational and career goals. To the University South Foundation and the community members that made this scholarship possible, I am beyond grateful for helping me in continuing my pursuit and allowing me to experience a sense of community support and motivation that I once found almost impossible to receive. ~Ivonne Valenzuela

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