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University Foundation Scholarships

The University South Foundation turned it's focus to supporting University of Arizona scholarships in 2011 and has awarded 349 scholarships totaling over $675,240 to UArizona students. The Foundation Scholarship Program is supported by their Annual DINE UNDER the STARS Scholarship Fundraiser, Scholarship Sponsorships, and investments from the Foundation. Community Business and Organizations participate in the Foundation's Program for a variety of reasons: Businesses can target a specific group of UArizona students, such as memberships, students who are in financial need, students with a higher GPA score, and veterans. Some businesses focus on the future workforce needed in our communities and organizations may specify a scholarship by a demographic or sorority.  Currently the Foundation also manages two memorial scholarships: the Besselman Memorial Scholarship and the David Patterson Scholarship. 


The Foundation Scholarship Committee rates and ranks all scholarship applicants and awards scholarships based on the requirements from sponsored scholarships. This program offers it's sponsors an opportunity to award their scholarships during an annual Scholarship Reception and includes them in press releases, advertisements, social media and on our website. 

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have been selected to receive this scholarship. There was a time in my life where I did not think I would amount to much. I was a senior in high school expecting a child and I was told by many that I would end up a high school drop out with no prospects of a college education. Because of these negative perceptions, I once thought an education from the University of Arizona was superior or above me.  My life has been defined by constantly battling to overcome being viewed as just another statistic. I tried so hard to prove this to others, only to come to realization that the only person I needed to prove this to is myself. My education is allowing me to be a better role model not only to my own children but to the young girl or boy that feel hopeless and alone the way I once did. I can show them that if I achieved my educational goals with all the adversities I have been through, they can achieve anything their hearts desire. With hard work, perseverance, and a strong will I am on my way to achieving all my educational and career goals. To the University South Foundation and the community members that made this scholarship possible, I am beyond grateful for helping me in continuing my pursuit and allowing me to experience a sense of community support and motivation that I once found almost impossible to receive.— Ivonne Valenzuela

Ivonne Valenzuela.png

Cyber Program Scholarships

In the fall of 2018, the University of Arizona Cyber Operations program was designated a Center of Academic Excellence, Cyber Operations,  from the National Security Agency and was recognized as a top cyber school in the nation! Today the College of Applied Science and Technology and it's Cyber Programs continues to educate Cyber Warriors and prepares them to work for top agencies in this growing industry.

The College of Applied Science and Technology is located on the University of Arizona's Sierra Vista campus and the relationships continue to build in the community and at Ft. Huachuca. Consulting companies and contractors understand the importance of Cyber Operations and continue to invest into the future by supporting these scholarships locally. 

The Foundation hosts an annual golf tournament to support these scholarships and businesses as far as Hawaii and

North Carolina participate in awarding these scholarships. 

2019 Scholarship Recipients (2).jpg

Going back to school after so many years has been challenging yet rewarding. These scholarships will propel me through my last two semesters. I will graduate in May of 2020, at which time I will pursue a cyber security career on Fort Huachuca. I love the Sierra Vista area and plan to stay here, build a career, raise my children and continue to volunteer in the community. These scholarships helped pay for my tuition, allowing me to focus on my academic pursuits. Witnessing the scholarship winners last night at the Scholarship Reception was uplifting and confirmed my path forward.  During the reception, my children and I witnessed the power of “paying it forward.”  I can’t wait to do the same. Thank you for your continued support and investment in my future.  ~Sincerely, Heather Bird

EUS Logo.jpg
EUS Logo.jpg

The Education Unidos Scholarship Program began in 2013 when Melissa Silva, a UA South Student Coordinator, set out to find scholarships for her Douglas students and a bi-international partnership began with the University South Foundation and the Mexican Consulate of Douglas.


In 2005, in order to contribute to the development and personal growth of Mexicans living in the United States, the Mexican Government created The Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME Becas) scholarship program; and in 2013, the University South Foundation, Inc. and the Mexican Consulate of Douglas engaged in the first of many agreements to match funds from the IME Becas program and award scholarships to the Mexican and Mexican American students on their path to higher education at UA Douglas. 

During the first five years of it's inception, over $155,578 has awarded in scholarships to 57 University of Arizona Douglas students. The most exciting part is that 100% of these students have graduated or are still enrolled in an active program. They live locally and are contributing to the community, giving back through their volunteer service.


The scholarship program is an important link to the chain of our cross-national collaboration, but most importantly it is the link to the chain of successful students that the University of Arizona educates and prepares to impact our local families, communities communities, and economy. In December 2018, the Education Unidos scholarships were awarded to students majoring in Regional Commerce, Government and Public Service, Elementary Education, Early Education and Human Services.

Companies and organizations in Cochise County are investing in the future of these students to help build and sustain our local workforce talent.

This scholarship allowed me to continue my education, obtain an internship in Washington D.C., and not only grow as a person, but also grow as a professional.

Susana Greeno,

First Education Unidos Scholarship recipient. Graduated December 2018 with a master’s degree.


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